Autumn Delights
Autumn Delights

Advanced Level Tutorial
The tutorial includes ten pages of written instruction, three large pictures, nine step-by-step pictures, and the drawing.

This 7.5"x13" colored pencil drawing is based on a compilation of photos take by Jeff Johnson.

The drawing is done with Lyra Polycolor colored pencils; listed below for your ordering convenience.
The surface is Stonehenge "Kraft color" paper. The paper was adhered to a masonite panel, which was then mounted on a vintage cutting board.

Janelle utilized a couple of products for blending:
Gamsol odorless mineral spirits (OMS) on the copper pitcher. This assisted in blending the pencils smoothly. Please Note: this product cannot be shipped outside of the US.
Scharff Moonscrubber brush no. 6, this was used to scrub the colored pencil into the background for atmosphere and also to blend the wood of the table.

The Skin Tone pencils only come in a set and Janelle used four of the colors from the set. These pencils will last through multiple projects. They are large and chunky - perfect for doing background work and portraits because they have a large color core.