2017 October 29 SMDP
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2017 October 29 SMDP


Click on link above to view a video of the Prep.

Intermediate Level Project

The registration fee paid to the chapter includes: written lesson, 9x12 paper and the watercolor to stain the paper.

The tutorial includes seven pages of written instruction, one large picture, 12 step-by-step pictures, two pictures of the watercolor set-up, and the drawing.

This 9"x12" colored pencil drawing is based on a compilation of photos taken by my husband, Jeff. It's realism with a touch of whimsy!
The drawing is done with Lyra Polycolor colored pencils; listed below for your ordering convenience.
The background 9x12 Arches 140lb hot press watercolor paper is stained with four colors of Daniel Smith watercolor: Nickel Titanate Yellow, Manganese Blue Hue, Cascade Green, Lunar Black.
The paper is then adhered to a 9"x12" mdf panel.
The picket fence is a perfect way to frame the drawing!

The picket fence with a 9"x12" mdf panel to mount the paper on, is available from:
Ideal Wood Products * www.idealwoodproductsinc.com * (920) 361-1646

The plastic watercolor palette will include enough paint for you to stain your paper. All you need is a no. 8 round watercolor brush (or comparable brush) and water.

During the checkout process, please check the box that says: Will Pick Up In Class. No shipping will be charged and your order will be shipped to Anne Krech and she'll give it to you at a chapter meeting. If you DO NOT check this box, then shipping will be charged and the order will be mailed directly to you.