(h) 2018 July 28, Saturday, 9am-3pm, Let's Fish - OcalaDA
(h) 2018 July 28, Saturday, 9am-3pm, Let's Fish - OcalaDA

Saturday - July 28, 2018 - 9am-3pm

Ocala Decorative Artists - Contact MARGARET FREDRICK to register for this class - mgtfredrick@gmail.com

Class will be at:
Silver Springs Shore Presbyterian Church
674 Silver Rd
Ocala, FL 34472
The Let's Fish project is rendered in Lyra Rembrandt Polycolor color pencils.
The project is done on 8"x10" watercolor paper that has been stained with watercolor.
Due to the time limit for the chapter class we may not get to the watercolor background atmosphere but, there will be a demo. For those who wish to do the background in class, stay a bit longer and we'll get it done!
Fee for the provided supplies - $12, this includes the tutorial, watercolor paper and watercolor.
Lyra Rembrandt Polycolor Color Pencils on the left and Prismacolor Premier on the right

01 White - 938 White

46 Sky Blue - 1024 Blue Slate

53 Peacock Blue - 1027 Peacock Blue

76 Van Dyke Brown - 941 Light Umber is not exact, but it's close enough

83 Gold Ochre -942 Yellow Ochre

87 Burnt Ochre - 1033 Mineral Orange

92 Indian Red - 1031 Henna is not exact, but it's close enough

97 (Cool) Medium Grey -1065 Cool Grey 70%

98 (Cool) Dark Grey - 1067 Cool Grey 90%

99 Black - 935 Black

Prismacolor Premier 938 White

If students do not have the Lyra Rembrant pencils, they can use Prismacolor. I don't recommend mixing the two brands of pencils. Either use Lyra or use Prismacolor.

Additional supplies:

Hand-held pencil sharpener, or battery operated

If you have a watercolor palette bring it so that you can use the watercolor. These are available to purchase if needed.

Well-worn gray graphite

Scotch Removable Tape

Round watercolor brush or synthetic round

6" clear plastic ruler

small container for water

paper towels

Fine point stylus, or Uni-Ball pen micro point red ink

Back board larger than 9x12 to support the paper while penciling

The Lyra pencils and supplies needed are listed below for your ordering convenience.

During checkout on the page where you enter your name and contact info mark the box that says: Will Pick Up In Class and shipping will not be charged. If you do not mark this box postage will be charged and the supplies will be mailed directly to you.

Please Note: Sales Tax has been included on the individual prices for the supplies.

Class size is limited - register ASAP!