2017 October 28 SMDP
2017 October 28 SMDP


Click on the link above to view a video of the background prep.

Beginner Level Project

The registration fee paid to the chapter includes: written lesson, 9x12 paper and the watercolor to stain the paper.

The tutorial includes 7 pages of written instruction, one large picture, six step-by-step pictures, two pictures of the watercolor set-up, and the drawing.

This 5"x11" colored pencil drawing is based on a photo by Jeff Johnson, my husband. It was taken while we were camping at Jolly Roger RV Park on our way to Key West, Florida. The pelican's posed all day!
The drawing is done with Lyra Polycolor colored pencils; listed below for your ordering convenience.
The background of the 9x12 Arches 140lb hot press watercolor paper is stained with three colors of Daniel Smith watercolor: Lunar Black, Cascade Green, Manganese Blue. 

The watercolor paper is then adhered to a 5"x11" mdf panel. The metallic paper is adhered to a 7"x14" mdf panel.
The metallic swirl paper that is used for the matting, is not included. I will bring some to the seminar as an optional purchase.

The plastic watercolor palette will include enough paint for you to stain your paper. All you need is a large size round watercolor brush (or comparable brush) and water.

You'll also need to bring Prismacolor Premier China Blue colored pencil. This is optional. It may be used if the background is not blue enough after staining with the watercolor.

During the checkout process, please check the box that says: Will Pick Up In Class. No shipping will be charged and your order will be shipped to Anne Krech and she'll give it to you at a chapter meeting. If you DO NOT check this box, then shipping will be charged and the order will be mailed directly to you.