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Remember the day when the lesson was called “packet”, well the new descriptive term is “Tutorial”.

Splash!-Trumpeter Swan was taught to a sold-out, 35 student class at the SDP Conference. It was fantastic! A big thanks to all the students! It motivates me to get class submissions ready for 2012 SDP Wichita, KS.

The Splash! tutorial is now ready for purchase on my website www.janellejohnson.com

You’ll find these in the Gallery on the Home Page.

We’ll be adding new items throughout the week.

The pictures above feature Splash! on different surfaces. Instructions are included for this in the tutorial.

Another tutorial available is “Flee to the Mountains”. I previewed a picture of this a while back on the blog. It’s based on several photos that Jeff, my husband, took while we were in Canada.

The newest item in our life right now is the studio and what’s going on here.

Natalie, my daughter-in-law, and Norah, my granddaughter, are working with me. So if you call or email you may talk to Natalie Johnson, Studio Manager. Were still working on her title, so go-with-the-flow if she answers the phone differently!

Best wishes to all and have a great Memorial Day weekend!!


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