Class with Sheila Theodoratos

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Day Two Workshop was so much fun! My mind is full of creative thinking for new ways to start the creative process flowing and how to keep it flowing as a painting is designed.

Sheila’s last name is pronounced Theodore autos. Easy to say and remember.

Sheila’s art is fun, fun, fun and full of symbolism and storytelling. She shared with the 40 student class how she goes about the creative thinking process and how to build on your own life experiences. This workshop was not product oriented, but creative design oriented. Students brought photos, drawings, 3D objects, and reference material and by the end of the day everyone was leaving class with a renewed energy.

Mary Jo Jung and me getting ready to start the day.

Sheila is assisting me with the design that I'm working on and the story that it will tell.

Tomorrow is the trade show, stay tuned.

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