Product ID Becky

Becky 2023

Becky Robinson, a portrait of my younger sister. The fifth in birth order of the six Warren siblings. Becky is five years younger than me, and I remember our mom being pregnant and the anticipated arrival. In those days we didn’t know the baby’s gender until they entered the world. I was thrilled to have a little sister, along with three older brothers. 
Becky was a normal, ornery kid and teenager but those are secrets that shall remain between sisters. She matured into a loving and devoted wife and mother of three girls and a whole passel of grandkids. 
Becky adores children and has spent her career caring for and nurturing young minds. 
The signs represent the direction of Becky’s life. God first and foremost, the safety of children, and as she approaches retirement the knowledge of slow down and enjoy! The vivid vortex of color in the background represents the warmth that radiates from her and encompasses everyone she meets. I’m honored and proud to say she’s my sister and to be included in her vortex as she journeys through life. 
Dedicated to her childhood sweetheart and devoted husband Jeff Robinson. 
Caran d’Ache Luminance and Faber-Castell colored pencil, with Prismacolor NuPastels for background atmosphere on Crescent Moorman suede mat board.