Conroe Art League - Conroe, TX
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Conroe Art League - Conroe, TX

These projects are being offered through the Conroe Art League (CAL), Conroe, Texas - Please contact Bibi Blonn to register, - 

Click on the arrow under the photo to see the 3 projects.

After registering, return here to order the supplies. The registration fee paid to CAL will include the tutorial and paper surface.

Friday, October 11 - Let It Shine - Beginner Level

Saturday, October 12 - Heron On The Lake - Intermediate Level

Sunday, October 13 - Sunflower - Intermediate Level

All projects are rendered using Lyra Rembrandt Polycolor colored pencils on 11"x14" Stonehenge paper. Prismacolor NuPastels are used on the Heron On The Lake and the Sunflower for the background atmosphere. The pastels will be supplied but the student must have the applicator.

A printed guideline will be used to apply the drawing, so drawing experience is not required.

The supplies required for the classes are listed below for your ordering convenience. If you would like to use a different brand of colored pencils,  please contact Janelle for a conversion. NOTE: Instructions that are demoed, written and verbal will be with the Lyra pencils.

During the checkout process check the box that says: Will Pick Up In Class. The supplies will be delivered at the class and shipping will not be charged. If this box is not checked, then the supplies will be mailed to you and shipping will be charged.

If you have any questions about the supplies contact Janelle at (316) 776-0440, or