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E-Tutorial Gracing My Garden

Gracing My Garden - Advanced Level
Colored pencil drawing is done with Lyra Polycolor colored pencils on 11"x14" Arches hot pressed watercolor board or paper.
Background is stained with watercolor prior to penciling.

Needed supplies:

Prismacolor Premier 938 White

Daniel Smith extra fine watercolor for staining the background: Lunar Black, Nickel Titanate Yellow, Manganese Blue Hue, Cascade Green

  • (optional) Winsor Newton granulation medium to assist in the watercolor pigment pitting and pooling
  • Watercolor palette with 4 wells for color and 1 well for mixing
  • Large round watercolor brush
  • well-worn grey graphite paper

Even though Janelle used Lyra Rembrandt on her painting, other brands can be substituted. They are listed below for your convenience.

Lyra RembrandtFaber-Castell PolychromosPrismacolor Premier
1 White101 White938 White
2 Cream102 Cream914 Cream
7 Lemon107 Cadmium Yellow916 Canary Yellow
13 Light Orange113 Orange Glaze918 Orange
17 Vermilion117 Light Cadmium Red921 Pale Vermillion
28 Rose Madder Lake128 Light Purple Pink928 Blush Pink (close match)
33 Wine Red133 Magenta931 Dark Purple
34 Magenta134 Crimson1008 Parma Violet
37 Blue Violet137 Blue Violet932 Violet (close match)
39 Light Violet138 Violet1008 Parma Violet
55 Night Green155 Helio Turquoise105 Cobalt Turquoise
72 Grey Green172 Earth Green1020 Celadon Green
73 Olive Green173 Olive Green Yellowish988 Marine Green
74 Cedar Green174 Chrome Green Opaque1090 Kelp Green
83 Gold Ochre183 Light Yellow Ochre942 Yellow Ochre
93 Burnt Carmine193 Burnt Carmine1029 Mahogany Red
195 Light Grey Warm270 Warm Grey I1050 Warm Grey 10%

Instructions for E-tutorial:

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