Fish-'n-Bowl order supplies here
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Fish-'n-Bowl order supplies here

Fish-'n-Bowl - order supplies listed below

March 21, 2020, 12pm-5pm USA Eastern Time

A live interactive online class. Read more & Register for this class at Artful Webinars.

The class fee is $50 USD - this does not include the surface and supplies. Those are available below for your ordering convenience.

Janelle's project is rendered in Lyra Rembrandt Polycolor colored pencils on Crescent 8"x8" or 8"x10" hot press watercolor board. You may substitute another pencil brand (conversion below), but be aware - all instructions (written, verbal and demoed) will be with the Lyra colored pencils. Mark your pencils accordingly for your own convenience. Hot press watercolor paper can be substituted for the board - but the paper will buckle. Watercolor board is thick and can be adhered to a surface and varnished.

The background atmosphere is done with Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor: Prussian Blue, Kyanite Genuine and Nickel Titanate Yellow. Any blue or yellow acrylic can be thinned with water to stain the background.

Supplies that you will need to have:

  • gray graphite for transferring the drawing to the surface
  • Uni-ball red ink micro point pen, or fine point stylus for tracing over the drawing (the red ink allows you to see what lines have been transferred)
  • 12" T-square or ruler for table line
  • Alcolin Sticky Putty for removing unwanted graphite and colored pencil
  • Hake brush for dusting off pencil shavings and pigment
  • Watercolor Brush or round brush
  • small container for water to rinse the brush
  • watercolor palette or waxed palette to work with the watercolor pigment
  • Scotch Removable or Wall Safe Tape to tape the drawing to the surface. Tape can also be used to remove colored pencil.
Lyra RembrandtPrismacolor PremierFaber-Castell Polychromos
01 White1077 Colorless Blender101 White
07 Lemon916 Canary Yellow107 Cadmium Yellow
27 Light Carmine994 Process Red127 Pink Carmine
49 Oriental Blue906 Copenhagen Blue149 Bluish Turquoise
95 Light Grey1059 Cool Grey 10%230 Cold Grey I
96 Silver Grey1061 Cool Grey 30%232 Cold Grey III
97 Medium Grey1065 Cool Grey 70%235 Cold Grey VI
99 Black935 Black199 Black
NO MATCH938 Prismacolor White