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Howard Rugg

Howard Rugg - A master craftsman who builds the one-of-a-kind CapriTaurus Mountain dulcimers and ukuleles. I discovered Howard through Dean Robinson. Dean purchased, through eBay, a dulcimer that I had painted for a friend 30 years ago. Dean researched my art and found my website and contacted me for information. He also told me who made the dulcimer and so began my fascination with Howard’s work. I sent him a friend request and he very nicely accepted. Out of curiosity, I scrolled through the photos on his Facebook page and was instantly drawn to a photo that was taken by Shelley Rugg. I contacted Howard and Shelley and asked permission to do his portrait based on her photo.
The dulcimer Howard is holding is reminiscent of the one that I painted many years ago for my friend and mentor, June Keck. This portrait was painted in honor of those who keep the mountain music alive!
I hope you’ll go to his website and read his fascinating history. You can also find information about Howard on CapriTaurus Dulcimers Facebook page.
Caran d’Ache Luminance colored pencils, with Prismacolor NuPastels for the background atmosphere, on 11x14 Crescent Moorman suede mat board.