Product ID Jeff


This story portrait is of my husband Jeff in celebration of his upcoming birthday and retirement. The cup symbolizes the journey we've been on together. He wouldn't drink coffee in the morning without me! Myself in the lens walking by; is me always leading us to the next adventure. The slight smile with the overlapping front tooth that I'm crazy about. The thumb that he cut off the end, while building our dream home. The expressive forehead that has always defined him. Wearing sunglasses because he likes to be in the background, instead of up front and noticed. Blue shirt represents the true-blue-steadfast man that I've adored since I was 17. My signature is on his fingers because without his working hands I'd be nothing. Good golly I love him! 😍 
The ocean in the background that has become our favorite place to hang out. 
Happy birthday Jeff! Your retirement is our next big adventure!
PanPastels and colored pencils on Stonehenge.