Let's Fish!
Let's Fish!
Beginner Level Tutorial
The tutorial includes two projects - the female and the male kingfisher, seven pages of written instruction, two large pictures, seven step-by-step pictures, two pictures of the watercolor set-up, and two drawings.

These 5"x7" colored pencil drawings are based on photos taken by Jeff Johnson, my husband. The kingfishers live on the lake out our home in Florida.
The drawings are done with Lyra Polycolor colored pencils; listed below for your ordering convenience.
The background on the Arches 140lb hot press watercolor paper is stained with four colors of Daniel Smith watercolor.
The papers are then adhered to 5"x7" masonite panels.

The oval shaped wood piece, shells included, was purchased at Home Goods. A drill press was used to drill two holes in the oval shape wood piece, then dowel rods were inserted and the drawings are mounted on the dowel rods with glue.

The plastic watercolor palette will include enough paint for you to stain your paper. All you need is a round watercolor brush (or comparable brush) and Winsor Newton Granulation Medium. The granulation medium makes the watercolor dry in a splotchy effect, creating the background atmosphere.

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