Product ID Nathan


Nathan Johnson– our son. This is the 7th in my series of portraits that honor the members of my family that give to humanity. Nathan is a 911 Technology Coordinator. He serves as the bridge between IT and 911 Operations. Who are you going to call when there’s an emergency? 911 of course! Nathan works to ensure that the technology used by 911 is best utilized by the agency.
He’s a 19-year career person that makes us all pretty proud! Nathan has always been the calm one in every situation. If he’s worried, scared or in the middle of a life storm – he’s the one in charge.
PanPastels, Carb-Othello pastel pencils and Faber-Castell colored pencils on 10x13 Sennelier Pastel Card. Dedicated to our amazing daughter-in-love Natalie Johnson, the person who always has Nathan’s back.