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Online Video Class-Simple Gears

Simple Gears - Lyra Rembrandt Polycolor colored pencil, and a couple of Faber-Castell and Prismacolor colored pencils, on 9"x12" Soft Umber, Colourfix paper.

Intermediate Level

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The colourfix paper feels like a sandpaper and Janelle did find that she prefers scrubbing the pencil into the surface of the paper with a stiff white bristle Scharff Moonscrubber brush. This aids in blending and layering the colors. 

Janelle's project is rendered with Lyra Rembrandt Polycolor. The chart below will assist you in converting to other brands.

Lyra Rembrandt PolycolorFaber-Castell PolychromosPrismacolor Premier
05 Lemon Cadmium105 Light Cadmium Yellow915 Lemon Yellow
13 Light Orange113 Orange Glaze918 Orange
27 Light Carmine127 Pink Carmine994 Process Red
34 Magenta134 Crimson1008 Parma Violet
58 Sea Green158 Deep Cobalt Green105 Cobalt Turquoise (close match)
73 Olive Green173 Olive Green Yellowish988 Marine Green
74 Cedar Green174 Chrome Green Opaque1090 Kelp Green
75 Dark Sepia175 Dark Sepia948 Sepia
76 Van Dyck Brown176 Van Dyck Brown946 Dark Brown (close match)
82 Brown Ochre182 Brown Brown941 Light Umber (close match)
83 Gold Ochre183 Light Yellow Ochre942 Yellow Ochre
87 Burnt Ochre186 Terra Cotta0133 Mineral Orange (close match)
90 Venetian Red190 Venetian Red943 Burnt Ochre (close match)
95 Light Grey230 Cold Grey I1059 Cool Grey 10%
96 Silver Grey232 Cold Grey III1061 Cool Grey 30%
97 Medium Grey235 Cold Grey VI1065 Cool Grey 70%
98 Dark Grey181 Paynes Grey1067 Cool Grey 90%
99 Black199 Black935 Black
200 SplenderDoes not make a blender1077 Colorless Blender
No Match103 Ivory914 Cream
No Match263 Caput Mortuum Violet1031 Henna (close match)
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