Ruby Red
Ruby Red

Intermediate Level
This colored pencil drawing is done with Lyra Polycolor colored pencils on 8"x8" Stonehenge Kraft (color) paper.
The paper is adhered to an MDF panel with Lineco Neutral pH adhesive.
The panel is mounted on a reed mat that has been embellished with beadwork.
The tutorial contains 1 full color picture, 8 step-by-step color pictures, 5 pages of written instructions, and 1 line drawing.

The pencil pigment on the glass was blended with the aid of Gamsol Odorless Mineral Spirit (OMS).
Please Note: this product cannot be shipped outside of the US.

The Lyra Polycolor colored pencils needed for this project are listed below.
A limited number of reed mats are available. You will need to supply the cord and bar to hang, and the bead embellishments. The cut end of the reed will need to be touched up with black acrylic.
Most all the supplies that are needed for this project as pictured, are listed below for your ordering convenience.
Supplies not listed are general supplies such as brushes, graphite, erasers, tape, etc. to prep and finish the project.