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August 28, 2021-Sit Me On A Windowsill, Ocala Decorative Artists

Saturday, August 28, 2021, 9 a.m - 4 p.m.

Contact Maggie Goddard, Mag50341@aol.com to register for this class that is sponsored by the Ocala Decorative Artists.

The class will be held at the Silver Spring Shore Presbyterian Church, 674 Silver Road, Ocala, Florida 34472

Beginner to Intermediate Level - The glass vase with flowers will be taught in class. The butterfly and flowers will not be taught, but student will receive the paper and the instructions to complete this portion.

Project is penciled with Lyra Polycolor colored pencils on Kraft (color) Stonehenge paper. Tutorial includes two full color pictures, six pages of written instructions, six step-by-step color pictures and drawings.

The supply fee includes the tutorial and 2, 9"x12" Stonehenge papers.

Pencils and supplies needed for this project are listed below.

The wood/mdf surface that the project is adhered to is not supplied. Students can mat and frame or display in any way that they choose. The three panel mdf decorative piece that the painting is adhered to is available from:
Orville & Carol Ohm, The Wood Shop (507) 265-3495.

If you're going to use Prismacolor pencils, use them all, don't intermix the two brands. Sometimes they don't play well together.

Mark the Prisma pencils with the Lyra name and number so that during demos or verbal instructions you'll know what color to use. Write the name & number on a small piece of paper and use removable tape to tape it to the pencil.

During the check out process, select the box “Will Pickup in Class” on the page where you provide your name and address during the checkout process and Janelle will bring the supplies to class for you.

If you have any questions call or email Janelle. (316) 776-0440 janelle@janellejohnson.com

Lyra on the left - Prisma conversion on right

01 White938 White
07 Lemon916 Canary Yellow
15 Dark Orange921 Pale Vermillion
33 Wine Red931 Dark Purple
43 Deep Cobalt133 Cobalt Blue Hue
44 Light Cobalt Blue902 Ultramarine
51 Prussian Blue906 Copenhagen Blue
74 Cedar Green1090 Kelp Green
82 Brown Ochre941 Light Umber
90 Venetian Red943 Burnt Ochre
95 Light Grey1059 Cool Grey 10%
96 Silver Grey1061 Cool Grey 30%
99 Black935 Black