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April 15, 16, 17, 2024 Portrait Seminar

For more details click the link: https://www.villageartworkshops.com/na-23-24-johnson-janelle1.html

April 16, 17 and 18, 2024
9 am - 4 pm (1 hour for lunch)
"Paint Your Own Portrait" Color Pencil

All levels welcome, but some experience helpful. Note: only twelve seats are available for this specialized class. Please note my website says Out of Stock. IT'S NOT!! Registration takes place through
Village Art Workshops.

Fee: $280 payable to Wanda Boyd, plus $25 supply fee payable directly to the artist first day or workshop.

Workshop Description:

Join us for an immersive Color Pencil Portrait Workshop. In this 3-day session, unleash your creativity while learning the intricate art of color pencil portraiture. Email the instructor your own reference photos and once you've agreed with Janelle on how to proceed, you'll begin to discover techniques to breathe life into your portraits. Under expert guidance, explore color theory, shading, blending, and capturing intricate details. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, this workshop promises an engaging journey into the world of vibrant expression through color pencils. Limited seats available, reserve yours today.

Day 1, you'll work on an 5x7 or 8x10 facial study. Janelle will crop the photo for you if needed.

Days 2 & 3, you'll proceed to a more in depth 9x12 or 11x14 portrait. Janelle will supply you with a black & white copy of the photo that you'll use as your reference. It's recommended that you have a printed color photo to work from, or have it on an iPad, cellphone or laptop to use for color reference and closeup detail.

The best reference portrait photos for color pencil work typically have a few key characteristics:

Clear Details: High-resolution photos with clear details are essential. This helps in capturing the nuances, textures, and subtleties of the subject's features.

Good Lighting: Well-lit photos, preferably natural lighting, showcase the subject's facial contours, highlights, and shadows more effectively. Avoid harsh shadows that might obscure important details.

Contrast: A good range of contrasts, especially between light and shadow areas, makes the portrait more dynamic and interesting. It allows for better differentiation of tones when working with color pencils.

Expression and Composition: Choose a photo where the subject's expression is engaging and where the composition frames the face well. A compelling expression can add depth and emotion to your artwork.

Neutral Backgrounds: While not necessary, a simpler or neutral background can help in focusing on the subject and their facial features. It prevents distractions that might take away from the portrait. If the background is busy, Janelle may be able to remove the background so that you can focus on the facial features.

Variety of Colors: If possible, select photos with a variety of colors in the subject's skin tones, clothing, or surroundings. This diversity challenges an artist to blend and layer colors effectively.

Remember, these are guidelines, and sometimes deviation from these norms can result in unique and fascinating artwork. Ultimately, choose a reference photo that inspires you and aligns with the vision you have for your color pencil portrait.

In the class you'll receive 2 black & white copies of the photo, 2 surfaces (either Stonehenge or Crescent Moorman suede mat board). Color swatches that are selected uniquely for your portrait based on the subject's skin tones, hair and bit of clothing and/or background.
The surface choice is determined by what brand of colored pencils that you'll be using. Acceptable brands are: Prismacolor Premier, Faber-Castell Polychromos, Caran d'Ache Luminance.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to email Janelle at janelle@janellejohnson.com.