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Stacey 2023

The last sibling portrait is of my youngest sister, Stacey Pearson.
A bit of trivia about Stacey is that there is 20 years between her and my oldest brother.
Since our dad worked third shift and wasn’t home when mom went into labor, the second brother drove our mom to the hospital for the birth.
Another bit of trivia with Stacey is that I helped to potty train her! It’s funny the things we remember about our youth. Stacey also tagged along with me and the 1970’s cool chicks that I hung out with. I bet her memories of some of our antics is memorable…thank goodness I know she’ll keep my secrets.
Stacey is a devoted wife and mom and step-mom of three boys and two girls. She’s been blessed with a whole passel of grandkids.
I took the reference photo of Stacey that this portrait is based on. She traveled to Florida and we’d spent the week doing the beach, touring, eating and drinking and playing with my grandkids. Both of our lives are centered around grandkids and they keep us anchored to set a good example with our love for each other.
The sunset is from a reference photo from Stacey’s porch. She can see the most brilliant, glorious sunrises and sunsets from either side of her home on the plains of Kansas.
This portrait is dedicated to her fun-loving-with-a-good-sense-of-humor-husband, Glen.
Caran d’Ache Luminance & Faber-Castell Polychromos colored pencils on Celestial Crescent Moorman suede mat board. Prismacolor NuPastels were used for the background atmosphere.